Welcome to our office!

Our office is pleased to inform you that from day one of COVID concerns, we began to schedule our patients for all treatment, taking all the necessary precautions as set forth by the CDC.  We put air purifiers in every room, limit the number of people allowed in the office at one time, supply hand sanitizer, use touchless thermometers, and of course, have invested heavily in PPE (personal protective equipment), masks (N95), gowns, face shields, and gloves.  You can expect to be called before your appointment so that we may ask you the “screening” questions pertaining to the virus; how do you feel, have you lost either the sense of taste or smell, have you traveled, or have you been exposed to anyone who’s positive for COVID 19? If all those answers are “NO”, we ask that on the day of your appointment  you call from the parking lot so that we can make sure it is clear to come up with your mask on. We have a new doorbell to ring so that someone may let you in.

Some appointments may need to be adjusted due to the fact that we now need to allow more time per appointment so that our treatment areas can be disinfected in accordance with the CDC guidelines for aerosol transmitted viruses.

We care about your health and are doing our best to keep you safe. Thank you for your cooperation, and trusting us with your care.

Dr. Scollard & Associates Family Dentistry, PLLC

Since 1975 our team of dental health providers has been dedicated to offering the best in comprehensive family dental care, and we still do, but under a different business name! Since August 2021 the practice was purchased buy our associate dentist, Andrea R. Scollard, DDS. She joined our practice in 2017. We are still in West Springfield, MA, conveniently located at exit 13B off Interstate 91 on Daggett Drive (view a map and directions), minutes from Holyoke, Chicopee, and  Springfield. We have the latest treatment, diagnostic and sterilization equipment so that we can continue our commitment to providing you with the best care possible. You will recognize  many of our experienced staff members as well as a few new additions.

In 1996 we restored our first dental implant! In the 20+ years since then, we have restored well over 600 implants and have many happy patients who enjoy smiling, talking and eating with implants that feel just like real teeth. Ask us if dental implants could be right for you. http://www.straumann.us/…/solutions-to-replace-your-teeth.html

If you should have a dental emergency when the office is closed, you may call the main number (747-9224), press 7 to leave a brief message describing the nature of your problem in the emergency mailbox , and one of the doctors will return your call as soon as possible.If you need to change an appointment, we ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible but understand the necessity of flexibility.

If you would like to reschedule your appointment for any reason, we are happy to do that, as the health and safety of our patients and our staff is of our utmost concern. On that same note, however, there are many last minute openings available, so if you have a change in your schedule, we just might, too!  Call or text us!