Financing Your Dental Services Interest-Free.
We are now able to offer a financing plan to make your dentistry more affordable!

Through our affiliation with “CareCredit Financial Services”,   we can offer you the option of financing your dental treatment up to one year at no interest.

Insured Patients
Here’s how it works. For example, say you have a crown that you’ve been wanting to have done, and your balance after insurance pays its portion will be $600. You can choose to pay off your portion of the balance over six or twelve months, making your monthly payment either $100 or $50.

Non-Insured Patients
Without insurance, your payment for the same example, assuming your cost to be $1,200, would be approximately $100 for 12 months or $200 for 6 months.

The Process
You can apply in one of three ways: Fill out a simple one page application that can then be faxed to “CareCredit”, apply on line at, or call 800 365-8295 .
After your dental work is completed, you simply pay with your “CareCredit” card, and they pay us directly. You will then receive a payment book in the mail to make payments over the time period that you have chosen. Our office pays the interest in order to make optimum dentistry more affordable.

Should you have any questions about this plan, you can call CareCredit¨ directly  at 800 365-8295 or ask one of our front office personnel. They are well-informed and eager to help.