Healthy teeth not only make you feel attractive, but they are crucial for performing everyday activities like eating, smiling, and speaking. With one or several missing teeth, you may experience significant psychological and functional discomfort.

Dr. Mackler and Dr. Siurek began restoring dental implants in 1996. Since that time, they have restored over 400 implants that have been used to replace single teeth, multiple missing teeth, and as anchors for complete and partial dentures. 

The doctors have experience with several dental implant systems, but Straumann  and
Nobel Biocare systems are the most commonly restored implants in our office.

Both Dr. Mackler and Dr. Siurek are members of the Implant Team International

Dr. Mackler and Dr. Siurek participated in a patient based research project with New York University regarding the success of implant placements performed in our office.